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Cracked screen

Cracked, malfunctioned or accidently dropped so need a new screen fitting. In under 2hrs time our dedicated team is willing to put you back on track.

Macbook broken screen
Macbook liquid damaged

Spill damage

If your valuable mac was flooded by a glass or wine? Do not panic!!! Disconnect it from the mains, remove the battery, turn it upside down and come to see us to save your money.

Software malfunction

Mac machines are almost unbreakable but on occasions you may experience some software malfunction, which our professional team will deal with in no time.

software malfunction
Macbook overheating problems

Overheating issues

Your Mac is gasping for a fresh air? If you have noticed that it is hotter than usually do not think too much!!! It simply needs cleaning its vents just to serve you for much longer.

Dead macbook

Do not pronounce your Apple dead until you've seen us. We specialize in Apple repairs so we've got the knowledge and professional equipment to deal with so-called dead Macs and we never give up..

Virus corruption
dead laptop

Broken casing

No matter what is gone loose or what you broke with our team of professionals and a huge base of spare parts whether brand new or second hand. We easily repair your broken Mac.

Damaged keyboard

If you need some missing keys replacing here we are for you. On some occasions like a spillage you simply need a new keyboard, which we can fit for you.

laptop damaged casing