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iPad damaged screen

Smashed, broken or faulty LCD panel can be easily fixed in no time. All repairs will be performed by Apple repair specialists.

ipad broken screen
ipad liquid damage

iPad liquid damage

It's not been your day so far and you've just let your Ipad into water. Power it off immediately. Dry the outside of the device and then come to see us. We will take care of the rest.

iPad software malfunction

Most software problems can be fix in minutes. Your Ipad is stuck or has some other issues and no web search is helped. Just come and see us

ipad software problems
iPad broken sockets

iPad broken sockets

Very common repair especially snapped an end of your jack. This can be easily repaired by changing the broken socket. Another problem can be caused by dust gathering in the socket. This again is easy to fix by cleaning it.

iPad battery problem

Your Ipad battery doesn?t hold its charge!!! The battery needs to be changed which will allow you to enjoy your device for much longer.

iPad battery problem
dead iPad

Dead iPad

When you've faced with an Ipad won't turn on, you may think your Iphone is broken and that you're going to need to buy a new one but there are a lot of things we can try to fix your Ipad.